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More Information on the Stress Test and How it Affects You!
If you’re looking to buy a home now, you will now need to prove you can make payments based on a minimum rate of 5.25% starting today when dealing with a federally regulated financial institution....
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How to Cool a Hot Housing Market?
Part 2Canada’s housing market is hot. There’s little doubt about that when many communities are seeing home prices up 20% or even 30%+ compared to a year ago. Even here on PEI we can see that even...
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Growing Calls for Government Intervention to Slow House Price Gains
Capital Gains Tax on Home Sales: A Possibility or a Pipedream?Part 1 of 2There’s been a growing chorus of experts calling on the Canadian government to do something about runaway home prices.The...
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Housing Prices to Decrease in 2022? Time to Prepare!
Several housing reports have been released over the last couple of weeks, and they all tell the same story: house prices are soaring. And if you have been paying attention to the market here on PEI...
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